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The Self-Worth Academy is a global network of people who are interested in promoting self-worth as a foundation for life and work. The purpose of the Self-Worth Academy is to encourage a fresh understanding of self-worth in professional and personal life; in education and in leadership. As an Associate I create relationships between members of the SWA and the recovery and wellness world. 

The Ubuntu Addiction Community Trust (U-ACT), a Section 18(A) Trust, is a non-profit and public benefit organisation committed to supporting individuals, families, organisations and communities that are trapped in the cycle of addiction, substance use disorders and dysfunctional behavioural patterns. 


The goals of U-ACT is to TREAT, EMPOWER and TRAIN individuals and community impacted by substance use disorder. 


As an active member of the organisation I facilitate meetings, workshops and courses and assess students in the process of being certified as Recovery Coaches (PRS, CPRC) and Systemic Business Coaches (CSBC) held at the Ubuntu Academy of Coaching and Training.

Vista Health is an organisation based in the Netherlands that aims to bring sustainable wellness solutions for individuals and organisations. My role is the one of organisation developer, cross pollinator, coach and facilitator for the systemic wellness meetings, workshops and courses held online using web2 e web3 technology. 

The Corporate Butterfly, guided by Director Roselle Gowan with 25+ years of expertise, redefines event excellence, emphasizing mental health and systemic wellness. Our events go beyond celebrations, fostering well-being through mindful experiences. Join us for impactful gatherings that prioritize joy, leaving a lasting impact on both individuals and communities.


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