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For Families and Individuals

1. What is Recovery Coaching? Recovery Coaching provides personalized support for overcoming behavioral addictions and mental health issues. I offer tailored strategies to help you achieve a healthy and fulfilling life.

2. How does recovery coaching work? Through individual sessions, we set meaningful goals, develop coping strategies, and celebrate your progress. My approach is empathetic and customized to your specific needs.

3. What is Systemic Coaching? Systemic Coaching addresses the relationships and dynamics between individuals, families, and communities to create sustainable recovery changes.

4. What mental health support services do you offer? I offer individual coaching, group facilitation, and case management to support recovery and promote mental well-being.

5. How can I get started? Contact me at or call to book a free consultation.

For Entrepreneurs and Organizations

1. What is Systemic Wellness for organizations? Systemic Wellness enhances employee well-being and productivity through wellness programs, leadership development, and social sustainability initiatives.

2. How can I improve workplace wellness? I provide customized programs, including workshops, seminars, and strategic consulting, to enhance employee health and well-being.

3. What are the benefits of healthy leadership development? Healthy leadership fosters a positive work environment, increases productivity, and supports sustainable business growth. I offer development initiatives to cultivate effective leadership styles.

4. What are social sustainability projects? These initiatives promote responsible and sustainable business practices aligned with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals for long-term success.

5. How can I collaborate with you? Contact me at or call to discuss your needs and how I can support your organization.

6. What are the key components of systemic wellness? Systemic wellness includes promoting a healthy organizational culture, fostering effective leadership, supporting employee well-being, ensuring transparent communication, encouraging adaptability and innovation, building teamwork, maintaining structural integrity, adhering to ethical practices, embracing inclusivity and diversity, and aligning goals with the organization's mission and values.

7. What qualifications do you hold? I hold certifications in Systemic Business Coaching and have recently completed studies as a Business Consultant with OSM.

8. What are the benefits of systemic wellness coaching? Systemic wellness coaching offers a holistic approach, improved well-being, enhanced resilience, increased self-awareness, stress reduction, improved communication skills, enhanced leadership skills, increased team cohesion, alignment with goals, burnout prevention, cultural transformation, and increased productivity.

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