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Facing challenges like school dropout rates, youth unemployment, or social isolation?


Discover hope and solutions with our integrative program:

"Growing Together: Pathway to Inclusive Well-being".

Program Highlights:


📊 Addressing high dropout rates, youth unemployment, and behavioral addictions.

💡 Fostering inclusion, tolerance, active listening, and personal growth.

Core Elements:

  1. Intellectual Intelligence: Enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving.

  2. Emotional Intelligence: Building empathy, self-regulation, and resilience.

  3. Social Intelligence: Developing communication and teamwork skills.

  4. Spiritual Intelligence: Encouraging meaning, purpose, and community connection.


  • Circle Practice: Safe, inclusive space for open expression.

  • Theater Elements: Exploring roles and emotions through drama.

  • Games and Group Work: Engaging activities to enhance creativity and teamwork.

Why It Matters:

  • Integrated Development: Preparing well-rounded individuals.

  • Collective Well-being: Promoting understanding and compassion.

  • Essential Skills: Teaching communication, empathy, and problem-solving.

  • Positive Environment: Creating a safe space for collaborative growth.

Join Us:

Shape a better future with confidence and capability. Develop essential skills and self-awareness, becoming agents of positive change in a compassionate and collaborative environment.

Duration: Each session lasts a minimum of 2 hours, with flexibility to meet your needs.

Contact Us:

Alessia Fezzardi - Social Services Technician and Counselor.

Massimo Dal Corso - Internationally experienced coach and mentor.

Ready to start? Email us at today.

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